We test and develop.

IT doesn't function by chance - we provide well thought-out and thoroughly tested solutions for high performance and quality with system.


Since 2005, we have operated our own test laboratory in which we test systems for our customers together with the manufacturers. The test operation includes the creation of individual test plans, the conception and execution of test series, as well as the development of reference systems. This enables us to test the communication between the systems involved and the software components for POS (point of sales), BOS (back office systems), and HOS (head office systems). We prepare risk analyses based on the results, which are then incorporated into our solution design.


If requirements for customer-specific applications arise from the solution design, we take over the software development. This includes app developments - hybrid as well as native apps (Apple iOS, Google Android) - and also responsive design for mobile applications.


The solution design often requires interfaces that affect the entire system and enable data access to the company's own servers. When programming these interfaces, we use our extensive knowledge of the systems and their backends. We also specialize in modeling scenarios which we program using mathematical models, and whose results are subsequently employed in information management.


Independent products have also been created from our numerous development projects. GEMRIS, a web-based information management tool, focuses on retail master data from branches and store locations. GEMRIS comprises many different modules which were developed from customer requirements, and which today enable numerous business analyses.

Another web-based product originated as a ticket management system. Since then, we have further developed it as a workflow management tool, and it is particularly suitable for project-specific rollout planning.

We offer both products as SaaS solutions in the cloud.