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Reference: POS/BOS Replacement

Reference: POS/BOS Replacement

Our customer with over 1,200 locations planned the introduction of a new point of sale and back office system. The rollout was carried out by external technicians on site.

ITS developed the overall process for the system conversion. In the first step, our rollout support team checked and recorded all entry requirements for a complete and error-free system changeover. For this purpose, it used a web-based tool developed by ITS for project-specific rollout planning, and also for managing the external technicians.

In the second phase, we initiated the final billing in the legacy system, and safeguarded the transfer to central customer systems.

In the third and final implementation step, all configurations, parameters, interfaces, and data connections were checked before we released the new system for commissioning.

  • Reduction of business interruption by keeping system conversion time at a minimum
  • Virtually 100% avoidance of malfunctions, data loss, and discrepancies