ITS Consulting GmbH

About us

ITS has focused on providing IT-based solutions and services since its foundation and inception. For over 20 years, we have been managing IT projects in their entirety – that means “end-to-end” for us – from CONSULTING through TECHNOLOGY to SERVICE. This is what we understand by quality with a system.

Our understanding of quality is also characterized by a high degree of customer proximity, fast reaction and flexible operation, pragmatic solutions, as well as high reliability and mutual trust. And as manufacturer-independent expert advisors, we support our customers as a neutral and competent partner.


Since 1991, Wolfgang Quade has been working as a consultant for the development and quality management of retail and filling station equipment. In 1993, he founded the company ITS with its headquarters in Jesteburg, and is still the managing partner today. In addition to the traditional consulting business, the operation of centralized and decentralized customer systems was also undertaken in the years that followed.

Since 1995, the range of tasks has been steadily and rapidly expanding. With the increase in cashless payment transactions, payment became a another area of expertise.

In January 2005, the company was converted into ITS Consulting GmbH. The project office in Hamburg was also opened in 2005. While proximity to the most important mineral oil industry customers was the original reason for establishing the office in City Nord, today it is the easy accessibility for all our customers – and it offers a wonderful view of the Hamburg skyline from the 11th floor.

Over the last 25 years, ITS has grown steadily, and has established itself as a specialist for IT projects requiring special expertise – not least because of its many years of experience, which simply cannot be replaced by anything else.